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It's hard to believe that the See You At the Pole Rally all started with just 10 students who felt burdened to take a stand for Christ on their campus.
You know this had to be a 'God thing' for it to have grown to millions and millions of students gathering together 20 years later.
I am so thankful that those 10 students were obedient to follow the Lord's direction.
I am even more thankful that we live in America where we still have the freedom to publicly pray and praise the name of the Lord.
We did the complete tour of schools for syatp hitting the elementary school at 7:00, the high school at 8:00, and the middle school at 8:40.
Such a blessing to see all these students, faculty, and parents taking a stand for Christ on our campus'.
Don't you just love this shirt!?!

We were glad to help organize and facilitate the rallies at the elementary and middle school levels, but it was such a blessing to watch the high school rally that was ENTIRELY student led!
What a blessing to see students that are sold out for the Lord and leading their generation toward the Lord!

Brian challenged the middle schoolers to take a stand on their campus and reminded them that they have the most religious freedoms of anyone on public school campus'.

Especially loved looking up to see Mrs. Pat participating through a window of her school bus. She even kept a few of the 'rowdy kids', in the back of the group, in line and was quick to give Brian a shout out and a thumbs up of approval when the rally was over.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Labor Day

We kidnapped the Hassebrock kids and headed to Mom's house for Labor Day.
Our labor day involved NO labor, but plenty of PLAY!
We played piano
ate cookies
posed in the neighbors truck
drew with sidewalk chalk
blew bubbles

played with cap guns
climbed some trees

and played with Brylee.
All our wonderful fun was interrupted and ruined when a swarm ~ and I do mean SWARM ~ of wasps came out of the bushes and attacked Tyson and Jenna. It honestly looked like something I have only seen in the cartoons. Fortunately, they each only got a handful of stings, but that was plenty! It just could have been so much worse!
They were both so brave and Jenna's tears quickly disappeared when we bagged up the wasp nest for her to keep as a trophy. That seemed to make it all worth it!
Ty and Brian spent the better part of the afternoon killing the nasty wasps.
What wonderful warriors we had protecting us!
As my friend put it...
I did no actual physical labor and I wasn't IN labor,
so all things considered,
it was a great LABOR DAY!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Gina and Danny's Wedding

So this will totally crack you up, but I was asked to be the official photographer for Gina and Danny's wedding. Now while it was a huge compliment, I felt so silly because I neither have the proper equipment or the skill. But it's really all just about capturing memories and preserving the moment, and I think that goal was accomplished.
We set out a few weeks prior to the actual wedding to take some engagement pictures. We just settled in by the woods in our own yard. It took all of about 15 minutes for the whole thing, but I love the way the images capture there relationship ~ casual, comfortable, and in love!

Gina and Danny's wedding was probably one of the sweetest and simplest in form that we have ever been a part of. They chose for it to just be immediate family at her parents' home. I think our culture has tricked us into thinking that we have to have some huge, costly party to make our wedding vows 'stick'. I certainly have NOTHING against big weddings; we had a big wedding ourselves and I wouldn't change it for anything. But there was also something so sweet about having an intimate gathering of just those that you are closest to. No fuss, no stress, and very little cost! Gina and Danny are not bent in such a way that they really like a lot of attention or spotlight, so this was a perfect fit for them.
Brian was honored to be the officating minister for the ceremony.
Here he is signing the official marriage certificate.
Brian loves all of his 100 FIRST COUSINS (yes, ONE HUNDRED!!!!), but he has always had a very special bond with Gina ~ probably more like brother and sister than cousins.
Here is Gina and her precious sister Kim.
Dallon, Gage, and Micah look more like brothers than cousins.

Uncle Chuck and Aunt Sandra's yard made for the perfect backdrop for pictures.

I love this one of Uncle Chuck and Danny 'sealing the deal' with a handshake.
We got some family group shots for the memory book.
Trying to take pictures of children OUTSIDE on a HOT summer day meant I had to be quick, but I think we got some good shots.

It was a wonderful day and we couldn't be happier for the newlyweds!