Monday, November 30, 2009

Bungee Fun!

We got to the mall a bit too early for Santa so Dede offered to treat the kids to some bungee jumping fun!
These bungee jumpers looked like SO much fun we just couldn't resist! You could hear the kids giggle with glee all over the mall. Since we were there so early, there was a ton of Senior Citizen Mall Walkers that were there doing their morning exercises that would stop and watch the children. It was very sweet to watch them vicariously enjoying this fun experience through the kids.
I love the fact that before Savanna even started jumping and having fun, she turned to pose for the camera. I have her trained so well!
Savanna tried and tried to do a back flip. She would get about halfway over and then sort of jerk herself back into an upright position.

Bless her little soul, she has always been my cautious child who tends to overthink everything and weigh the potential dangers. Even as a baby, she didn't walk until she was 15 months old, but she NEVER fell down! It was like she wanted to master her balance first to avoid injury.

When she finally made it all the way over, we all erupted in cheers for her!

Mr. "NO FEAR" on the other hand made it look so ridiculously easy. In fact, he looked like he belonged in the circus.
Keep in mind...he was my baby that hardly walked...he only ran and fell, ran and fell ~ and this was at 9 months of age! It's a wonder nobody ever accused us of child abuse with the amount of bruises he has sported!
I don't think he has any fear of physical injury ~ that is SCARY!

This looked like so much fun that I half-way considered doing it myself until I realized that they WEIGH YOU so they can calibrate the correct amount of bungee cords according to your weight. I am sorry... but there is NO amount of fun that could entice me to be weighed PUBLICLY! UGH!!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009


While home for Thanksgiving we took the kiddos to the mall to see Santa.
I love this pic with Mom and all the grandkids. I think she is actually going to use it as her Christmas card this year.

Check out Micah's shirt ~ that is SOOOO Micah!

Okay, so get this... I just found out that Savanna is asking Santa for an


Any suggestions?

I didn't see THAT in any of the Black Friday Ads!

I don't think Santa read the fine print in his contract that said he was supposed to be "JOLLY"...I mean we didn't even get ONE "Ho, Ho, Ho" or anything!

Oh how we love this little guy! We are so blessed to have him in our lives! Tyson is such a super snuggly baby!

Saturday, November 28, 2009


This year in addition to the typical Thanksgiving list of things that we are all thankful for such as faith, family, friends, etc... our health and the health of our loved ones means more than ever! This Thanksgiving we were ALL thankful that Mom got a good report from her heart cath this week. They did find a congenital heart condition that is to blame for some of the problems she has been experiencing, but it is not anything that should require surgery. PRAISE THE LORD! Her biggest problem this week has been slowing down and trying to follow the Dr.'s orders so her incision can heal properly. Although she is a rockin' mathematician, she didn't seem to be able to do the math... if the dr. says you can't lift more than 10 pounds, that probably means you can't lift the 23 pound turkey you planned on preparing for the family!!! Overall, she has been a surprisingly obedient patient.

Here are my precious grandparents that have been married 63 years and counting!!!

It is not a big secret that Papa does not like to get his picture made and will rarely smile when the camera is out. He is probably one of the kindest men you would ever meet, but he just won't show his pearly whites for the camera. I pleaded with him "PAPA, PLEASE SMILE"....

and this is what I got!

He looks like a monkey!

I hope I still have his humor and spunk when I am almost 90 years old! We look forward to celebrating his 90th on Christmas Eve.

Micah was perched high in a tree on the lookout for all of our Thanksgiving guests. This was our favorite climbing tree when we were little too. It didn't scare me as a kid, but it does sort of scare me seeing MY babies perched high in those branches.

Aunt Helen's mom Margaret is in the process of moving to Florida to live in a nearby assisted living facility. We were glad to have her join us for Thanksgiving this year.

These two sweet faces make it to the TOP of my Thankfulness list for sure! Where would my life be without these two wonderful gifts from God?
Meme wanted a group picture of the gang!
See what I mean about Papa not smiling?

We all have so much to be thankful for this year. I am thankful for Beth and Angela ~ my "sisters" that may not have been born into the family, but I am very thankful they married in!
Thanksgiving this year also fell on Eric and Angela's wedding anniversary. Four years ago when they were married there was a big article in the newspaper entitled "From BIRTH to DEATH do we part" because Eric and Angela were born on the SAME day at the SAME hospital. Who knew these two babies that once roomed together in the hospital nursery would one day get married?

To have a family that is as small as our is, it is crazy how many people share birthdays!

In addition to Eric and Angela sharing their special day...
Brian's Brother and I share Sept 24th
Papa and Beth (Ty's wife) share Dec 24th
Micah and my great grandfather share April 3rd
Meme and Baby Kaylynn share Sept 30th
We don't exactly look like the Norman Rockwell kind of family when we carve the turkey. Ty looks more like he is fighting with it or getting revenge or something ~ actually I think he is just hamming it up for the camera.

When the meal was ready to be served, Maddox started pinching his nose because of the stinch of the turnips that filled the house when the lid was taken off of the pot. We all love turnips and if anyone has ever prepared fresh turnips you know it is quite a labor of love, but the smell is also quite strong to say the least. After a few moments of Maddox pinching his nose, he went over to both of the babies, without saying a word,and examined their diapers to see if the strange smell might be coming from them! It was absolutely hilarious!!!

I wish you could have seen his face when we explained that the smell was not the diapers but his dinner!
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Beach Pics

Okay, so I am completely aware that 20 plus pictures of basically the same people, in the same clothes, with the same background is probably more than you want to see. So here is your warning...

but we were trying to get some pics for a possible Christmas card. The problem is, I don't know which to choose! If you have any suggestions, I would GREATLY appreciate you leaving your ideas on the bottom of the post by clicking on the little "comments" button.

We had a great time playing with the camera. Unfortunately, we only have one picture of all four of us because, like I said in the last post, there was practically NO ONE on the beach! We only got the one pic of us all and that was only because some old man was walking on the beach. He was gracious enough to stop long enough to snap a pic for us, and I know beggars can't be choosers, but... he cut Brian's head off! So I'm thinking the Christmas card will be a collage of a few of our favs.

Savanna, on the other hand, did an amazing job and took the majority of these pictures! I was so super impressed with her new found talent! She was so cute because she even made suggestions on how we should pose! What a little lady!