Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Extra Fun

The kids were real troopers during the four days of the Pastor's Conference and Convention. They have a Bible School Type Area for the minister's kids complete with songs, games, bible stories, and crafts that they really enjoyed. During some of Brian's meetings, the kids and I snuck away for some extra fun (and rest) back at the hotel and Downtown Disney.
We cooled off in the splash zone and pool area at the Pop Century.

After we got dried up and rested up, we went for a little walk over the bridge to see what we could find.

Most of all we just found a really beautiful view of our hotel grounds.
Savanna was excited to have her picture made by the 90's sign since she was born at the end of 1998.
We voted to go back to Downtown Disney and hit Lego Land. Micah decided to create a few souvenirs
I love how the faces and accessories he picked all seem to 'go' together.
I guess he was inspired by the 4,000 mini men they have hanging on the wall.

Ahoy there Matey ~ time for some refreshments!
No Disney trip would be complete without some frozen lemonade and a big tub of buttered popcorn.
They decided to pool their money and buy the big Mr. Potato Head that you stuff with as many accessories as you can fit inside. This was a great choice because
~#1~ They got some really cool, unique to disney accessories
~#2~ It provided endless hours of entertainment in the hotel and car.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


We had a long lunch break on Wednesday and headed over to Downtown Disney for lunch at T-Rex. I think most of the other ministers and messengers had the same idea because we saw a lot of familiar faces!
T-Rex is a new dinosaur themed restaurant from the same people who own Rainforest Cafe.

There are several different themed rooms in the restaurant. This is from the ice age room. We just had to get up and explore while we waited on our lunch.

The entire restaurant erupts with a meteor shower every 20 minutes. Very thankful that our waitress warned us of this ahead of time!

Savanna liked the baby dinos.
Micah was dangerously close to becoming dino bait!

Savanna decided to get a souvenir from our dino lunch by making and taking home a stuffed wooly mammoth from the build a dino store. She got to stuff it, fluff it, and name her new furry friend.

We could hardly pull Micah away from the dino bone yard. He had a blast digging for dino bones.

We had a T-Rex-riffic lunch experience!

Monday, June 28, 2010


The Southern Baptist Convention met in Orlando with the Theme of Love Loud through the Great Commission. We joined thousands of other delegates in worship and business meetings. This was the first year I ever remember going that there was not people picketing us. Polyanna me, thought 'how wonderful! no picketing this year!' Until someone a bit wiser pointed out that it was probably not a positive sign and might be better interpreted that we as a denomination may no longer be considered a threat. Are we really doing what we are called to do and taking a stand for what it right? Hmmm....makes you think, huh?
It was a surprisingly interesting convention with several very 'passionate' discussions. I am embarrassed to admit, I do not really understand much of what goes on and am constantly asking Brian to interpret what is happening for me.

We always enjoy getting to re-connect with old friends from Seminary and Ministry.

James and Brian were best friends and prayer partners while we were in seminary. They spent much of their time at the convention discussing their upcoming trip to the Holy Land together.
Love, love, loved catching up with the Hashas and Piggs!

It is so funny when Brian and I compare the 'girl talk' versus the 'boy talk'. Us girls catch up on each other's kids and personal lives while the men folk seem to only focus on the politics within the convention and church life in their individual ministries.

I think the kids thought they were 'trick or treating' at the booths with all the free giveaways like pens, candy, balls, bags, toothbrushes, etc... that they were given.

They both enjoyed selecting a sticky note with an unchurched people group to pray for.
Micah grabbed the first one he saw while Savanna spent a good 15 minutes carefully reading and thinking about who to choose. Such a good snap shot of their differing personalities.
Micah tried a little putt putt hole in one game and then got good and comfy in the yellow convertable.

Savanna kept an eagle eye on the blue light specials featured at the Lifeway booth. That girl knows how to hunt down a good deal!

We enjoyed a delicious break at McDonalds for dinner the first night.

Brian had seen the Strength Team demo nearly 20 years ago, but this was a first for the rest of us. I was very impressed with their evangelical message that they shared while they demonstrated their physical strentgh by breaking bats, tearing phone books, and bending metal.

Micah's expression says it all!
Savanna was tossed the spine of the torn phone book.

Micah was selected for a demo with a steel bar that was later bent by one of the Strength Team members into the shape of an ichthus fish.